Oblations, a book of prose poems, is available from Gold Wake Press.

Advance Praise:

Nick Ripatrazone's
Oblations marks the debut of a prose stylist whose muscular, compressed language defines praise anew. Ripatrazone's fisted, graceful words remind us that work, worship, games, and generational heritage form the heart of the American vernacular. Oblations is beautifully new, and Ripatrazone is enormously gifted.

- Jayne Anne Phillips

The 61 beautifully achieved pieces of Nick Ripatrazone's
Oblations amount to nothing less than an act of praise, the kind of work that both J. F. Powers and Flannery O'Connor would be glad to know. An outstanding debut.

- Paul Lisicky

Rather than being lyrical, Nick Ripatrazone's prose poems, like all good narratives, are driven by the finely honed detail of character and place and situation. He writes short stories that are minimal in length, but wonderfully complete and rich and, above all, memorable.

- Gary Fincke


“What Ripatrazone has achieved with this debut is nothing minimal: he has re-done Masters for the present day, and without much of the elder author's pompousness or pretension...
Oblations distills that which defines a person down to a paragraph, and this emotional ore is precisely what the collection mines. Inside this book, consequently, handfuls of novels hide.” The Collagist

“Nick Ripatrazone’s cragged, angular language marks him out as a resident of the same world inhabited by writers like Edgar Lee Masters, Sam Shepard and Jim Harrison, a world we as readers don’t get to visit quite often enough.”
The Journal

“There is something bracing and manly about this book. If you like bourbon, baseball, and dirty realism, you should go for it.”
Dappled Things

“Have you ever discovered beauty where you did not expect to find it? Oblations...invites the reader to consider various aspects of daily life in a new way.”
The Courier News