We Will Listen For You, a novella, is available from CCM Press.

A suspended priest returns to his childhood home to start a new church, but violence overcomes faith and good intentions.

Advance Praise:

Nick Ripatrazone’s new novel elapses with the singular lyric intensity of a drone or an arch-angel honing in on its mark. With the lightest of strokes, he limns a drama at once domestic and profound, as recognizable as a trip to Wal-Mart, as lonely as the courtyard where Peter heard the cock crow, as profound as any winter dawn where light sticks to the ground. I held my breath as I watched him pull off this exacting, aerial feat.

--Joyelle McSweeney

"The spare prose of We Will Listen For You reveals a world already stripped down to its bones, but still Nick Ripatrazone's characters seek ever deeper truths, the secret knowledge that might lie hidden just out of sight, deeper within the body of that world, underneath the skin, within the blood, in whatever chamber our truer selves might hide." -- Matt Bell

There is a spell-like quality to Nick Ripatrazone's We Will Listen For You. Or maybe one should say a religious chant. Give in to it. Let it teach you to have faith in a good, hard-won sentence. This is a writer you can trust with the truth."
--Matthew Salesses
"We Will Listen for You captures the contradictions, paradoxes, and inherent conflicts of Catholicism for many a parishioner--the shunned priest, the heretic, the jaded believer. More than that, this book makes of faith's blind violence a true body, and new blood. In clipped lines of prose-poetry, Ripatrazone chants a hymn of country decimation, a modern barn burning."
--Jamie Iredell
“Deep . . . dark . . . Reading We Will Listen For You is an invitation to look beyond the stone walls of churches and gape in wonder at the world and the unknowable vistas beyond.”-- New Jersey Monthly