Nick Ripatrazone


Nick Ripatrazone’s newest book, This Darksome Burn, is now available from Queen’s Ferry Press. “A lean and horrific tale, beautifully told,” The Collagist. “A great new read,” High Country News. “Impressive” language in a story of the “demands of a modern world on a man who has most of life relied on reticence and grit, virtues of a time that has gone,” HTMLGIANT. “Family drama boils on the front burner while broader themes of nature and choice gently simmer on the back,” The Small Press Book Review. “Weaves a thought-provoking tapestry,” Heavy Feather Review. “Builds tension and harbors an immediacy that propels the reader to its climactic finish,” The New Jersey Herald. “ambitious, unflinching meditation on power and powerlessness,” American Book Review. “[Stands] out from anything else you’ll find on the shelves of your local bookstore,” Shenandoah.

Nick’s other books include a forthcoming short story collection,
Good People (Foxhead Books 2014) and novella, We Will Listen For You (CCM Press 2014), a book of literary criticism, The Fine Delight: Postconciliar Catholic Literature (Cascade Books 2013), a two books of poetry, This Is Not About Birds (Gold Wake Press 2012) and Oblations (Gold Wake Press 2011). He is a staff writer for The Millions.

His recent essay, “
55 Thoughts for English Teachers,” has been widely praised. He appeared on New Hampshire Public Radio’s “Word of Mouth” program to discuss the essay.

In another
appearance on NHPR, Nick debates the teaching of fiction in high school classrooms.

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